Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
September 22, 2020 Mamun
Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

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Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Tea tree oil shampoo is becoming popular in many salons, homes, and beauty shops. It reduces itchiness, dandruff, hair loss, and other issues like psoriasis and dermatitis. You should first determine if you react to tea tree oil before using it.

DoesTea Tree Oil Shampoo kill Lice?

Research shows that tea tree oil shampoo for lice treatment is effective. The oil has powerful insecticidal features that destroy lice on the scalp surface and in the hair. However, if the eggs are deep in the skin, it will be difficult for the shampoo to be effective. Frequent use will help to kill these lice and nits.

What is the best Tea Tree Oil Shampoo?

There are brands like Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo and other generic shampoos in the market. The best one will depend on what you need to use it for at the moment. Generic tea tree oil shampoos also work well if your conditions aren’t severe. Some of the best tea tree shampoos in the stores are:

  • Tea tree shampoo for dogs to help in killing lice, mites, and other pests
  • Tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner- for your hair, beards, and eyebrows to remove dandruff.
  • Tea tree shampoo for lice on cats and other animals

Which shampoo has the most Tea Tree Oil?

We cannot deduce this because we are yet to do product sampling and testing to determine tea tree oil in shampoo. However, if you are shopping for the best tea tree oil shampoo with the most concentration, check on the ingredient list of the product to find this out. The amount shouldn’t surpass 5% in 8 ounces of the shampoo. Also, as you are looking at the amounts, ensure that it doesn’t contain other oils or additives that you react to for safety.

How much Tea Tree Oil to add to shampoo

To every eight ounces of shampoo, add about ten drops of organic tea tree oil using a clean dropper. The shampoo will act as a base to mix in the tea tree oil. The total percentage of the solution is 2%. You have an allowance of adding the amount to reach a concentration of 5%. To prevent any irritation, don’t exceed the 5% mark.

How to mix Tea Tree Oil with shampoo

Some people prefer adding tea tree oil to shampoo that doesn’t contain it. It isn’t dangerous if you don’t react to it. Here is how you can do the mixing safely.

Step 1: Collect the Products

Have the best shampoo you can get that doesn’t contain tea tree oil. Organic tea tree oil will be the best to use. Collect a dropper for dropping the oil into your shampoo.

Step 2: The Mixing Process

To every 8 ounces of your shampoo, add two drops of the tea tree oil to give a concentration of 2%. Adjust at will to up to 5% concentration for every 8 ounces. Mix the content well by vigorously shaking the shampoo bottle.

Last Few Words

Tea tree oil shampoo benefits have proven to be long-lasting, and we recommend it. If you aren’t sure about making this at home, you can purchase the best tea tree oil shampoo. Stores like Amazon have a wide variety to choose from and at affordable prices.


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