Tea Tree Oil Dogs

Tea Tree Oil Dogs
September 22, 2020 Mamun
Tea Tree Oil Dogs

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Tea Tree OilDogs

Tea tree oil for dogs is traditional medicine, and the practice is still common to date. The treatment is cheap and very affordable for anyone who loves dogs. These animals are lively and often get hurt from jumping hurdles and playing here and there.

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe for Dogs?

It will depend. Pure tea tree oil used on its own is harmful to the dogs-in fact, very poisonous. Dogs love to groom themselves and will lick the oil on scars and wounds, risking their lives. If this occurs, rush the dog to a vet for first aid. To maintain safety when using tea tree oil for dogs, dilute it properly with a carrier oil.

Are Dogs Allergic to Tea Tree Oil?

Dogs aren’t allergic to the oil, but direct ingestion can lead to poisoning and death. Ensure as you apply the treatment on your dog, the oil is in the right amount and with a carrier oil to reduce the risk of harm to your pets.

Can Tea Tree Oil kill Fleas on Dogs?

Tea tree oil can kill fleas on dogs. You need to purchase a tea tree oil shampoo for dogs to bathe your dog frequently to kill the eggs and the adult fleas. Consistent use will even deter these parasites from infesting your dog. Tea tree oil for fleas on dogs needs to be a regular treatment.

Does Tea Tree Oil kill Ticks on Dogs?

Ticks are a common parasite that causes anemia in dogs and cats. Besides the shampoo, you can buy tea tree oil for dogs’ skin to spray on your dog’s coat.  This kills the ticks and keeps them away. As you work with this oil, ensure that you get diluted oil. If you can’t, purchase pure tea tree oil and a carrier oil to mix and make the concentration lesser.

How to dilute Tea Tree Oil for Dogs

Step 1: Ready all the Necessary Ingredients and Equipment

Tea tree oil is potentially poisonous. So, you need a carrier oil like almond, olive, or coconut oil to dilute and reduce its concentration. Also, have a bowl, two clean droppers, and a mixing rod.

Step 2: The Dilution Process

The general rule is to add about ten or eleven drops of the carrier oil to two drops of tea tree oil. To a clean bowl, add two drops of tea tree oil using a clean dropper. To the oil in the bowl, add ten or eleven drops of carrier oil of your choice.

Use the mixing rod to stir and mix the oil well. If your dog has a wound or parasites, use it immediately. It would be best if you had an amber glass bottle to store the excess mixed oil for next time. Store it in a dark area out of reach of children.


To go the inexpensive way, you can use tea tree oil for dogs. The benefits are immense, but you have to prepare and apply the oil with caution. For ready-made products, please read the package content to see if the oil concentration is correct.


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